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February 10, 2016     The Burnet Bulletin
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February 10, 2016

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Page 411 Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Bumet Bulletin Bumet, Texas t Commentary r5 S S .er security cuts Gov. Greg Abbott and U.S. Rep. Gmnde Valley and Tucson; and which expires Dec. 31, 2016. Abbott said his proclamation now Henry Cuellar, D-McAllen, are asking Capital Highlights - What resources the deparlment plans Sales tax calls Texans to remember "scores whose U.S. Department of Homeland Security to use"to backfill any gaps" the reduction revenue drops names are unrecognized and have quietly Secretary Jeh Johnson for detailed infor- ~ presents. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar on done their duty, serving Texas and the mation regarding border security cuts. ~ Abbott posts Feb. 2 said state sales tax revenue in United States faithfully. Today, andfrom Of particular interest to Abbott and first year report January totaled $2.47 billion, down 4 per- every Feb. 2 hereafter, we will honor all Cuellar is the federal agency's decision to Ed Gov. Abbott on Feb. 2 released a cent compared to January 2015. who have mcrificed and served on behalf cut resources for aerial-based border secu- "Report to the People of Texas" listing "As expected, reduced spending in oil ofthe Lone Star State. No matter the bat- rity support in a program known as Sterling highlights ofhis first year in office, and gas-related sectors resulted in a fall in fie, no matter the job, they deserve our Operation Phalanx. Specifically, the The report, as stated in a news release, total sales tax revenue," Hegar said. thanks." Department of Homeland Security's % kes a look at the economy and busi- "Collections from industries mainlyFirst Zika request for aerial detection, situational Texas Press Association nesses that expanded or relocated to driven by consumer spending, including ease isreported awareness and monitoring capability sup- ' Texas, in addition to providing an over- retail trade, restaurants and services, con- The Texas Deparlment of State Health port for Operation Phalanx from the view of legislation passed to cut taxes, tinued to grow, as did receipts from the Services on Feb. 2 reported the first case of Department of Defense for calendar year and Cuellar wrote in a Feb. 1 letter to improve Texas' public and higher educa- constnaction sector." Zika virus disease conWacted in Texas. 2016 was 50 percent lower than that of Johnson. "Any decrease in aerial observa- tionsystems, build new roads, secmeour However, Hegarnoted, salestax col- According to the agency, the case recent years, tion is not only imprudent, but contradicts border and chart a course that keeps the lections in January 2015 were a record involves a Dallas County resident who The decrease came despite the gover- the very mission of border security Lone Star State a beacon ofindividual lib- high and represented a double-digit per- had sexual contact with someone who nor's Sept. 30, 2015, request for additional enforcement" erty and economic opportunity." centage increase over January 2014, acqttiredtheZikainfectionwhiletmveling aerial observation resources along the bor- Abbott and Cuellar noted that the StateRep. meaning this month's collections are abroad. der, and despite the fact that Congress Deparlment of Homeland Security's deci- Jones resigns being compared to unusually high collec- Seven other Texas cases of Zika vires fully funded Depamnent of Defense sup- sion to decrease surveillance resources "is State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon, tions from ayearago, disease are known and all are related to port for Operation Phalanx in the recently unsettling" and requested the following D-San Antonio, who is suffering from Heroes Day foreign travel to areas where Zika is cur- passed omnibus appropriations bill, information: lungeancer, resigned from office effective isprodalmed rently being transmitted, the DSHS according to the govemor's office. - Metrics used to determine that a 50 Jan. 26. Gov. Abbott has proclaimed Feb. 2 to reported. "Given the recent surge of migrants percent reduction in aerial resources Gov. Abbott set May 7 as the date for be Texas Military Heroes Day. There is currently no vaccine or lreat- from CentralAmerica and Cuba along the would sufficiently support Operation a special election to fill the House Dislrict Last year, Feb. 2 was celebrated as ment for the virus, andthe U.S. Centers for southern border, we believe (the Phalanx; 120 seat held by McClendon for the last Chris Kyle Day to honor the late Medal of Disease Conlrol currently recommends Department of Homeland Security) - Detailed plans on how the cuts 20years. Honor recipient who became widely that pregnantwomen delay Iravel to for- should be requesting more surveillance would impact staffmg, resource allocation The wirmer ofthe special election will known as the U.S. military's most prolific eigncounlfieswhereZikaisbeinglrans- and security resources, not fewer," Abbott and operation levels in Laredo, the Rio serve out the rest of McClendon's term, sniper, mitred. Rusk deserved more than second fiddle to Houston Thomas Rusk stepped out of Sam ltouston's giant shadow on Feb. 16, 1848, ~ Bartee to give his first speech in the United States Senate, an impassioned defense of the Haile Mexican War. When John Salmon "Rip" Ford wrote his memoirs in the 1880's, the old Ranger Texas paid special lribute to the two original historian senators from the Lone Star State: "It might justly be said that the infant repub- lic of Texas had two friends on whom she could lean with equal Irust and confidence. These two great men placed country before self (and) deserve a warm place in the hearts of Texians for all time to come." Mexican citizenship, his new friend acted as a witness. Rusk jumped feet first into the inde- pendence movement. He was at Gonzales If the owners of a Geo a mining in October 1835, when defiant colonists company in which the 30-year-old lawyer dared government soldiers to come and invested his savings had not run off with the money, Thomas Jefferson Rusk might never have come to Texas. lie caught up with the crooks at Nacogdoches in 1834 but not before they had gambled away their ill-gotten gains. Rusk decided there was no better place to start over than the bustling take their cannon. As a delegate from Nacogdoches at the Washington-on-the- Brazos convention in March 1836, he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. Two weeks later, the threw in with the general. But Rusk's many friends and admirers At the Battle of San Jacinto, Houston would not allow him to remain a private put him in charge of the left wing of the citizen for long. They elected him to the Texas army. Rusk fought bravely on that Second Republic Congress in September historic aflemoon causing his superior to 1837, and he served as the Nacogdoches report that he "was second to none in point representative until May 1838. of wisdom, courage and effective service." Rusk first locked homs with Houston After Houston went to New Orleans in the fall of 1837 by helping to create a for Irealment of his ankle wound, Rusk militia over the president's veto. As major took his place as commander-in-chief He general of the civilian force, he strained escorted the defeated Mexican troops to their relationship to the breaking point by the Rio Grande and held amilitary funeral coming down hard on several Indian for the victims of the Goliad Massacre. tribes and driving Houston's beloved Houston encouraged Rusk to seek the Cherokees out of Texas. highest office in the liberated land, but he In December 1838, congress pre- came up with a good excuse for not enter- sented Rusk with a fresh challenge -- chief ing the race, just as he would in 1838, justice of the supreme court. He finally 1841 and 1844. His reason in 1836 was rejoined his wife and children a year and a the best of all. At 32 he was three birth- halflater. days shy of the minimum age for presi- Except for a six-month encore with dent. the militia in 1843, Rusk succeeded in Houston won in a landslide and staying out ofthe public arena until1845, when he chaired the annexation conven- tiorL The next February, the state legisla- ture chose Rusk and Houston as Texas' interim rebel regime named him secretary " appointed Rusk secrelary ofwar. After six of war. weeks on the job, he tendered his resigna- After the fall of the Alamo, provi- fion in order to spend more time with his at the number and respectability of men who wish to nominate me." But he preferred to leave the White House quest to his ambitious colleague, even though Sam's obsession often got on his nerves. "Houston does little else but electioneer for the Presidency and as usual the work falls upon me," he complained to his brother in 1855. When Houston ran for governor as a Know-Nothing in 1857, Rusk refused to criticize his old friend. Their accidental encounter at a Nacogdoches rallyresulted in an emotional reunion, as the two sena- tors "embraced and sobbed like women. Without uttering a word, Rusk took Houston by the hand, led him to his car- riage and to his home." Sam Houston wrapped up his whirl- wind campaign on July 28, a week before his first and last repudiation at the polls. The very next day, despondent over the death of his wife the previous April and worried sick by a tumor on his neck, Mexican province. The first person the sional president David G. Burnet sent neglected family and to earn a living.prac- first pair of U.S. Senators. Thomas Rusk committed suicide. newcomer met was Sam Houston, the ex-` Rusk ~ the _re W~tting army w!.'th o~ ~ ~,3~g, J a~,~: Even ~ ~e ~c ~ of ...... , R~k always ~ed surp: ~by o~_ Bartee&threebool~"BestofThis gOVernor of Tenne&see who had settled in to.stand and fight. ~ ofbuttingh~ :: )'N~:E Austin ~ .~. D~,: ers ~ opimons of~i~:l~z- ~iVeek~~:~i"~mn col/ec- East Texas a year alhead of him. When he wzthHouston, he listened to his secretp~::::.:4rlo~ ~d ,lall v ;int . dential e,!eetion year, his )tions. ~i~w.bartee~ took the oath of allegiance required for for sucker-punching Santa Anna and back as. of state: 'You wouldbe alittle shed ha&com. ............ ' ...... Whathappened to the voic.e=so of reason in America? upon retirement from more than half a ' "al " opinion/position of the money hungry war mongers." centta'y of active editing and publishing com- manly newspapers, all I wanted to do was relax. After a year, I realized that what I missed most was writing my column, which I'd done since 1958. So, I began to write again, discov- ered it was more fulfilling than ever, particu- larly since I didn't have to be bothered with the daily chores, routines and headaches of producing a newspaper. Therefore, I could concenlrate and give my full attention to writing as well as I am capable of doing and would be permitted the great arbiter of most treatises: research. In determining to continue writing a weekly column, I figured self-syndicating would offer me a far greater readership than I'd ever had. Also appealing was the exposure and the input from dozens of communities. I surmised that I had to do something I'd learned from folks as I grew up and during the various sojourns to publish papers in towns very shnilar to where I'd grown up. Basically, that involves not sticking my nose in other people's business. Expanding from that, an old country saw allows that you never talk money, religion or politics. My cowboy daddy was particularly keen on that. Writer's Roost Willis Webb Retired Newspaper Man Reasonable, huh? It seems to me that a whole bunch of peo- pie in this counlry didn't have practical cow- boy dads (and the necessarily complementary moms) raising them. Now, I don't know about you, but I like reading material --newspapers, books, magazines-- that give me as many views and experiences as possible, so that I can assimi- late that information and make reasoned deci- sions in my life. Of course, those decisions are tempered by faith and by living a lot of years. In newspatx , if there are opinion-edito- rial-commentary pages, I expect them to be labeled as such. And just FYI, by definition, newspaper and its owners (It's their money, so Silly. Right? Unreasonable. Yep. it's their right.) A column represents the views Aha! Now we're getting somewhere. of the writer only. Letters to the editor are Whether editing and publishing a printed to give the views of the readers and paper or writing an editorial or column, subscribers to newspaper. I've always had a golden rule (for want As to whether you agree with an editorial of a more defining term): Is is good for orwithacolunanist'spointofview, that'swhy the most people? ...or for the particular the balance of letters is offered, groups it is supposed to guide, govem or Predominantly, I believe America's assist. newspapers are conservative to moderate, Today, our elected officials seem with a few here and there that are consistently hell-bent on following a particular party liberal. Everyone needs to understand, that manifesto and compromise is out of the people of extremes-- far let and far right-- question. are going to preach from their own stx ially- Reason and a desire to act benefi- designed litanies. There is little in any purely cially for all are essential to the kind of political undertaking that is, in this day and government called for in our time, balanced and reasonable with appeal to Declaration of Independence and our all Americans. Constitution. That's okay. Where we've fallen into a Political propaganda, pontificating, great lrap or, pertmps, quagmire is in the posturing and pandering to special inter- refusal by most of us to consider any other ests to gain a voice is anathema to rea- position-- in other words, we seem to have sonable governing. lost the ability to accept reason no matter the Set examples. Reason. Lead. source. Willis Webb is a retired community "Ifyou are on the leff, Ihateyou, because newspaper editor-publisher with more nothing you say makes sense and you want to than 50 years experience. He can be give away everything." "If you're on the reached by email at fight, I despise you because you're Dear Editor, I understand that some people don't approve of Bumet County Sheriff's Office vehicles having the "In God We Trust' emblem on their vehicles, but to suggest that a more 'haeutml option for patriotism" to be something like Gloria Betexan's sug- gestion of"remember the Alamo" is very offensive. There are many hispanics living in Texas whose ancestors had nothing to do with the Alamo, and to have a motto like that on a police deparlment's vehicle would be very disturbing. A better suggestion would have been "Don't mess with TexasF' I don't think that would offend anyone except maybe non-Texans! Sincerely, Rachel DeWitt Burner, Texas Dear Editor, Redlining is a practice of using home financing to regulate housing racial hegemony. The National Housing Act of 1934 made it illegal, however it's a many- economy reporter, HutfmgtonPost. ing situation at a previous workplace, headed hydra and the fight goes on. Faimess loses: where someone misused a firearm. Her The latest skirmish in the battle of fear of a future incident and even her equality in financing came in the car Yours, "appreciation for gun owners' rights" are industry. Its practice was to charge people Darrel Mahon opinions, not facts. of color higher interest rates then kick a Criminals do not pay attention to signs piece of the ill-gotten gain back to the Right to Carry: fact vs. opinion nor do they respect or abide by , dealership. In 2013, the Consumer laws.Takinggunsoutofthehandsofthose Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regu- Editor's Note: The following was who do is never an answer. This is fact. lated this abuse to insure people with the written in response to a recent Burnet City Paul Farmer is correct: if someone same credit paid the same interest rate. It Council decision to not put up Texas Penal goes into public offices to "shoot up the hadteeth because the CFPB forced Honda Code 30.06 signage prohibiting open place" and law-abiding citizens have been and Ally Bank to refund over a $I00 mil- carry of firearms in city offices. The 5-2 forced to leave their firearms elsewhere, lion in overcharges to people of color, vote was carried by Pad Farmer, Gary then more people will probably be The bank and automobile lobbies got Wideman, Paul Shell, Tres Clinton and shot/killed. to work and the House of Representative Phillip Thurman against the signage and A2014 study bythe Crime Prevention of the United State of America passed a Mary Jane Shanes and Joyce Research Center (cited, Washington bill, 332-96, in Decernber to rein in CFPB Laudenschiagerinfavorofit. Tnnes) stated 92 percent of mass shoot- and okayed charging people of color more ings since 2009 occurred in "gan-free" for their cars. The entire Republican Dear Editor, zones. Gun-flee zones are targets for Caucus voted for the bill, so you can thank criminals. Fact. our man in Washington for the role he Thank you to Burnet City CouncilWe, the people, need to assert our played in charging people of color more members who understand the law is not rights. Whether we are openly carrying or for their cars. But let's not forget the 87 overruled by opinions, carrying concealed, we will send the rues- Democrats that crossed over to do the Pad Farmer and Gary Wideman are sage to would-be criminals that we will banks and car dealerships a solid. Led by correct. Prohibiting the carrying of fire- not tolerate tenvrima, we will not be fear- none other than the Chairwoman of the arms in city buildings only hinders/stops ful and we will not allow them to take our Democratic Party the Honorable Debbie law,abiding citizens from protecting God-given right to pr6tect ourselves. Wasserman Schultz (Florida) but some themselves, and others, against someone If the City of Bumet (and Bumet Texas Democratic representatives showed meaning to do harm. The concealed/open County) would adopt this attitude, then we their colors too, including Rep. Henry carry laws are fact. wouldn't need property searches at public Cuellar, Rep. Eugene [Gene] Green, Rep. DavidVaughn worries about threaten- buildings, nor would we need to wolry Ruben Hinojosa, Rep. Beto O'Rourke, ing individuals at city offices. His fear of about signage. That is fact. Rep. Filemore Vela and Rep. Marc Veasy. whether or not someone is ' acldng" is an These votes are a disgrace but only if irrelevant, personal opinion. FearfulSigned, you believe in all men are created equal, employees can also carry firearms for pro- David and Kristy Drake All this information wasthe result of the tection in a"tense situation." Burnct County writing of Zach Carter, senior political Mary Jane Shares endured a terrify- .... 7" !i ~ B1 Burnet fie Serving Burnet County Since 1873 220 South Main Burnet, TX 78611 The Burnet Bulletin is published weekly by Highland Lakes Newspapers. Periodicals post- age paid at Bumet, TX 78611; USPS 080-000. Combined wi~ the Marble Fails Messenger and Bertram Enterprise. Member of Texas Press Association and the South Texas Press Association. 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