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January 27, 2016     The Burnet Bulletin
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January 27, 2016

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Page 8 Wednesday, January 27, 2016 Burnet Bulletin Burnet, Texas Diversions Bullying makes playgrounds, schools and even neighborhoods feel unsafe for some children. This week, in honor of Martin Luther King's message of peace, Kid Scoop looks at ways children can help them.selves and others be safe on the playground. Find the I You Caii't ten a bully by his or her loOkgl You can tell who is a bully by the way he or sl!e acts. Here are some of the ttiings a bully might do: * Hit, kick or push to liurt people: * Call otliers bad names; wase or scare people: ' Say mean things about someone: e Grab SOmeone else's stuff .... , Leave a kid out of a game on purpose. The . Threaten another kid. What else have you Seen bullies do? standards Ltnki Healtl~: Make decisions ab0~t feelings / r I l e~d ............ aafety isstles t~at Support m-total -etd emot ,~tla} Iiealth Hey, short y. |Shouldn't you / be back in [ preschooD Bullying is a problem in schools all around the world. Kid Scoop found information from anti-bullying programs in Scotland, Australia and Canada as well as the United States. Standards Link: Hearth: Identify Many, many children are bullied everyday. These children can feel lost in a maze made up of bad feelings - sad, stressed, embarrassed, nervous, depressed, helpless. These feelings make it hard to do well m school and to make friends. Experts say that them is something that can help a child who has been bullied. To find out what that is. complete the maze. The letters akmg the correct path of the maze spell the answer! Standards Link: Health: [der~tifv ways to seek assistance it concemedq~hreatened or abused. Eric Kevin Slaty Mlguel Abb Bully Clues: bully is not wearing a hat. The bully isn't wearing a striped shirt. The bully is not wearing glasses. Which kid is the bully?' Stenr~ards Link: Readitlg eorllpreheagierE Fellow wfiRen dkectiol~s. Bullying hurts. It hurts a lot. Bullying can ntake kids feel sick. It can make them not want to go to school. And no one likes to watch other kids getting picked on. No one likes a bully. ) Stan is the shortest boy in the fourth grade. Greg, the i talJest boy, picks on him eveu day. Abhy I, Pretend not to hear, Instead listen to your ownAl~lland tell yourself. ;'That's their problem, not ~' and 'Tin OK just the way I aln." J !P Find a safe~ltWt o talk to, Make a list of peopk: you could talk to "~botll: heing ballied or aboul~you have seen others being bullied. ~, Be a buddy. Kids who are alone are more likely to be bullied. Make a plan to walk with a~l~wherever you think you might meet a bully. I, Don't bully back, Getting angry and ~j,back sometimes is just what the bully wants. It's dangerous too, because solneone could get hurl. A bu!ly scribbled over some of the : WOrds inOU~; list Ot tipst Find the ; missiag word ; or words :in each lip~ Standards L nk ]e tt Develop protective t ictors lhat help toner resiliency PLAYGROUND PEACE BULLIES HURTS NERVOUS THREATEN HELP BUILD FRIEND TEASE ARMOR GAME FEELINGS PATH Find the words in the puzzle. then in this week's Kid Scoop stories and activities. PEFEELINGS DNUORGYALP LSHNAEMACD IUTHREATEN UOAEESOEAE BVPCNTTARI HRAPLRASMR SEILLUBEOF PNPLEHYGRO MEAN Standards Link: Letter sequencing, Rec:~nizing ideraical wods Skim and .o~,an reading Recall spel~n~ pa~erns. Bullies in the News Look through the newspaper l:br an artMe that portrays a person or a group of people who are hurting other people. Could this also be called er} bullyin,,' Identify in the article you think is the bully and who is being bullied. Standards Link: Health: Recognize and respond appropriately to s tuations involving destructive behaviors. Kids Help Kids Have you eve]; had a disagreement with another person? How did you handle the problem? Tell kids some helpful things . to do to solve disagreement issues. tIave a friend givd you each type of word to fill in the blanks, 7hen read the story aloud/ My friend Lawrence had the hiccups while getting a haircut. I was joking and teasing with him about it and said his haircut made him look lil~e a ADJECTIVE NOUN It was only a joke, but it made him pretty ang~'. "I'o make it up to him, 1 invited him to see the ...................... with nay PLURAL NOUN family, Lawrence cheered up when tic saw a ADJECTIVE NOUN VERB on the trapeze. A shiny drove NOUN into the centerring and a dozen crazy climbed PLURAL NOUN out Of' it. My clad bought us each a bag ofhot and a balloon NOUN shaped like a ............................ NOUN When we got home, I apologized again to Lawrence. "lrs okay," he said. "I can't stay mad when I think about the ADJECTIVE PLURAL NOUN we saw today !" Standards Link: Grammar: Understand and use notll~.s, adjecti~'es arid verbs e~)rrectiy. Complete the grid by using all the letter,,: in th~ word IGNORE it~ each vertical and i~m'izouhd raw, Each letter should only be uaed once in each row. Some ,Vmces have been fiEed in t?,r you. El ND TODAY' ANSWERS ON PAGE 12 Weekly SUDOKU 9 6 1 2 5 4 3 by Linda Thistle 8 9 7 1 6 8 9 2 7 3 4 2 7 Place a number In 1he empty boxes In suci~ 8 way that ~Gh rOW a~, e~ch cOlumn down and each smell 9-10~x square col~taJne ell of the numbers from one to hinD. 8 4 1 [3]]EEICI~3~3~ '~YIEEI~=x-- 4 5 6 9 6 5 8 W Moderate "~"Ir Challenging . ~r ~r HCO BOY! F G J R Linda Thistle The idea of Go Figure is to arrive at the figures given at the bot- tom and right-hand columns of the diagram by following the arithmetic signs in the order they are given (that is, from left to right and top to bottom). Use only the numbers below the diagram to complete its blank squares and use each of the nine number~ only once. X Xl + 181 m + X 16 123456679 , Moderate ** Difficult *** GO FIGURE! 2015 King Features Syndicate, Inc. ACROSS 1 TX Bob Wills line: " _, take it away Leon 5 EastTX reptile, slangily 6 another day to watch the Texans or Cowboys (abbr.) 7 TXism: "broke I couldn't change my mind" 8 oil additive 9 TXism: "a winner never quits and a never wins" 16 TX Kick indians 17 TXism: "make hay while the __ 39 those "agin" it 41 abrupt evolutionary changes 44 TX-born Gene Autry sang "That Silver-Haired Daddy of " 45 TXism: "all vine, _ watermelon" 46 TXism: "he's a __ in my side" 24 19 TX Garner book: 47 TXism: "blister " "How Are __ (handie) __ Noddies?" 48 boxing up 21 get more queso 51 TXism: "gave __ on the chip? _ dose of his own 22 the latest (3 wds.) medicine" 27 TXism:" _ in52 anger the bag" 53 __ Rio, TX 28 civilian aircraft 54 "right fast" jet manufacturer 29 put the steak back DOWN on the grill? 1 TXism: "play 30 really not fresh? possum" (2 wds.) 2 TX billionaire 32 TX Hagman's role Hughes (init.) on "Dallas" 3 largest TX city 33 TXism: "he's4 Fort Worth arts gettin' __ area is called "The his britches" 36 Wynonna sang__ Southwest" "_ __ the Light" 8 drove fast 37 TX Holly sang 9 survey forms "Peggy" 10 TX Bush worked 38 TXism "dark as with this world a __ _ black govt. group on cats" war in Iraq (abbr.) 1 2 3 4 5 11 TXism: "turn about _ fair play" 12 1977 film for TXns Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek 13 cowboy bolos 14 TXism: "tie up the loose " 15 Mav's Dirk is careful not to his ankle 16 largest city in the panhandle 17 gliders on TX lakes: "jet " 18 extra tires 20 in Grand Prairie: "Ripley's Believe Not" 22 first cattle brand recorded in TX by Charley & Guy Orbison Copyright 2016 by Orbison Bros, 15 P-1254 35 TX bumper snicker:" Wurth, I Luv Yew" 37 LBJ's last words: 23 Gulf shrimp " Mike catcher immediately!" 24 Boerne's "Cibolo 40 IX Roy Orbison Wilderness Trail" could __ with a has 3 systems 3 or 4-octave range 25 defeats soundly 42 charged atom 26 50s, 60s teen idol 43 ornamental flowers 28 applaud with odd shapes 31 African deadly 49 melt or fuse ores snakes 50 state where TXns 34 TXism: "he couldn't Buddy Holly and __ elected Fiddler "The Big Bopper" General of Texas" died (abbr.)