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January 13, 1983
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Living Burnet u, -S Nan,.v Betty. daughter of Mr. ;t,3,t Mrs. W" " infield P. Betty, has h,,,n awarded third place in fi,trict competition in the Vo:ce of Democracy contest sp,,n)red hv the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its Ladies t' good  Atliliary. rosko bt After winmng a $500 scholar- He say shi for first prize in the local too. cmtesl sponsored by the L.C. St Burnet VFW Post 6974. Betty's o Kinc taped speech on "Youth- Huggins! America's Strength was en- ff ManeUVered in district competition [. Spanll along with the winners from 22 other VFW Posts. Professors ' Jiggs are so dy ill. eeks, thy Mt ?ynthia Mark Mrs y Jr., Mr,! Iker, E mer, Jo; d and l d Mart r Trai . tt Wiiki Bart C ill and [ and [ :s and nd Li and Aline I Robe tby Ne Price ent places in distric competition from Central Texas College judged the entries. Post 6974 also awarded Brian Kirkpatrick and Roger Parker $250 and $100 scholarships respectively for their entries in the local contest. Nancy Betty . . district winner to city, giving her revolu- tionary ideas. By the time she was in her early 20's, she had started women thinking. Was it fair that they couldn't attend public high schools? Was it fair that they couldn't choose any profession they wanted?--No, it wasn't. She stirred people up so much that she was jailed. She was then abused and subjected to a very unfair trail. In 1920, 14 years after her death, women finally received the vote. Who is this notorious woman???--Susan B. Anthony-- Champion of Women's rights. Speaking of Wrights, there were 2 brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, who invented the airplane. As youths, they had a dream of being'able to fly like a bird. Through much hard work, they achieved that dream. If these two young brothers hadn't had this dream, we might not have our most efficient means of travel. If our youthful dreams die, what would we have left?? At this very moment there may be a small child with a dream that could change our entire world. .Thera ,as a boy about 70 Betty's winning speech follows. Youth-America's Strength By NANCY BETrY Youth is an extremely important factor in the strength of America. If it weren't for youth, America Wouldn't be where it is today. Consider, for example, Abe Lincoln. He started working his way up the ladder of success at a very young age, and I do mean working When he was just a small )y, he had a job, and he spent the money he earned on books. Instead of eating by candlelight with some Ptty girl, he spent his time studying by candlelight. Abe was e very dedicated youth who worke( hard and became SUccessful He is most remem- bered as OUl  16th president, the president who freed our slaves. Also living during the 1800's was another boy who did much for our nation. His name was Tom Edison. He was one of the most curious boys of all time. .When he was still very young, he asked many questions. How oes a hen hatch chickens? What makes birds fly? Why does water put out a fire? And many others. Even his well- educated mother couldn't answer most of his questions. If no one could answer his he would try to get answers by experiments. once talked his best friend sitting on some goose eggs see ff they would hatch. Tom all sorts of risks to prove ideas. He worked hard all his boyhood, and ended up inventing the basis for much of our communication and entertainment Motion picture devices, light "bulbs, telephone transmitters, and the phono- graph are a few examples. Just think, if Tom hadn't started at experimenting with ideas, there might not be lights, movies, tele- or stereos. The world the teenager wou!d crumble. Of COurse, it wasn t only men ho did things for our nation. here was a girl in the mid-1800,s who was born into a World that discriminated against women. While she was ust a little girl, she decided to change that fact and was Willing to work hard to make her ideas come true. Inspired by two older women, she traveled from city years ago who led us to much of the electronics of today. His name was Lee Deforest. As a youth, current, wires, and things of that sort interested him. He and his father spent many long hours working together, and Lee eventually invented a triode vacuum tube, called an audion, which was the most valuable discovery in the early history of electronics. Without his discovery, we wouldn't have nany of the conveniences that we have today. Naturally, our young people have been more than just famous inventors. Alvin C. York, a youth during World War I, was greatly outnumber- ed in battle. Still, he single- handedly caused the death of 20 Germans and then forced 132 others to surrender. Marshall Ferdinand Foch called it "the greatest thing accomplished by any private." York received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic action. It is good that Congress was so suppor- tive towards him, because the youth are the adults of tomorrow and we must have adults willing to risk and to sacrifice for our great country. Our young people have an enormous potential. If we encourage our youth, this potential can come shining through. All of the teenagers and young adults I have mentioned are just a few of the many youths who have sup- ported the effective form of government that we have today. The young are definitely one of the keys to our democracy. By encouraging them, we will also build up their self- confidence, which is a very important factor in making them strong, because if the young believe in themselves, their feelings will be contagious among their peers, and ff we all work together, the world will turn out to be a much better place. ;on, F 'ate, W :r, Bar )orothy,i .pf, Ho 11, Mrs,' I 3ads, St County empl(Dyment service completes fourth The Burnet County Employ- ment Clearing House has completed four years of service to Burnet County. During this period 674 applications have been processed and approxi- mately 446 people have obtain- ed jobs. The Burnet Chamber of Commerce houses the service to provide a clearing house for both employers and job seek- ers. It provides the job seeker and the employer several benefits; 1) reduced informa- tion cost by providing a source to both, 2) potential under- standing and encouragement during the job search, and 3) evidence of a community concern for the economic well being of its citizens. Recent surveys conducted with the assistance of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service established the need and desire for a local employment service. The objectives of the em- ployment division are to pro- Fruit Trees -English Walnut Aiunond Pecan Strawberry Plants Asparagus Plants Blackberry Plants Large Stock of Garden Supplies Bluebonnet Nursery Tow, Texas 915-37S-3621 vide, free of charge, a full range of employment services to the County. Mrs. Inman who is the Burner County Coordinator is funded by Green Thumb which is a project of Texas Farmers Union. Manpower services con- ducted by the Employment Division are available to all persons seeking suitable em- ployment, regardless of socio- economic level, race, color, sex, religion or national origin. A file of applications for those persons seeking employ- ment or training is to be maintained and every effort is made to meet requests from employers for qualified work- ers. Employers who are in need of workers and persons wanting more information on available services should contact Mrs. Rachel Inman at (512) 7564297. SWEET TOOTH -- The judges got their fill of sweets at the bake show last Saturday as they selected the winners Sampling the first pie are, left to right, Mrs. Antonia Hemandez .. celebrates birthday Birthday celebration scheduled Mrs. Antonia Hernandez will celebrate her 80th birthday Saturday with family and friends. Born in Fredericksburg Jan. 17, 1903. she has been a resident of Burnet for 39 years. She married the late Maleno Hernandez in 1927. They have five sons Emmett of Austin; Henry, Eugene, Dale and Sal of Burner; two daughters Mary Cisneros of Lampasas and Helena Hernandez of Burner, 24 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren. Club has barter BURNET BULLETIN, January 13, 1983, Page IB i M program By FLOSSIE EI,LETT The Burnet Extension Homemakers Club met at the home of Era Hill Alexander at 2 p.m. Our agent. Mrs. Jane Parker met with us. The program was Market Place Alternative Barter, This was very informative. We had 2 members and 2 visitors present. One new member, Lorenz Murphy. We voted to spend $25 on 4-H Bake Sale Jan. 8, 1983 at the Fair Barn. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Mrs. Alexander. One 11 x 14 Color Portrait $1.50 Your choice of famdy group or irtdividual One special offer per family, one per person ARROWHEAD MOTEL We t. Jan. 19th Photo Hours: 1:00 - 8:00 p.m, BURNET, TX Leta Ebling and Cheryl Howell. Billie Shelburn cut and served the pie to the judges. CAPCO committee meets in Austin By LORENE MURPHY The Committee on aging of The Capitol Area Planning Committee met Jan. 7th at Summit Point in Austin. A large number of members and guests were present, including both Burner County Members, Alex Creagh of Donall Estates and Lorenz Murphy of Burner. The agenda was lengthy and percipitated much discussion. This session was considering funding requests from the ten counties in this District. These counties are - Bastrop, Blanco, Burner, CaldweU. Fayette, Hays, Lee, Llano, Travis and Williamson Counties. Each county has different needs. As everyone is aware, all Government funding has been cut back severely, and some badly needed services were eliminated. The outstanding needs seemed to be in the Nutrition, Health Care and Transportation areas. There is a need for more funds at the Referral Service Department in order to better acquaint people with what services are available to them. Such as Federal and State programs to aid people 60 years of age and older. Betty Larue is now running this service in Austin. I,arue has no Watts line, but will accept collect calls from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at this I number 459-1305. Legal aid for the Elderly was discussed at length. This toll free number may be called for referral 800-252-6581. Each County has one or more local Officals who is advised by CAPCO of actions taken by the board. C.D. Kincheloe is the Burnet County Official inform- ed by CAPC0. AARP plans trip to inauguration By LORENE MURPHY Burnet Chapter 2289 of the American Association of Retired Persons met Jan. 10 at Hamilton Creek Manor for regular monthly meeting and luncheon A large number of members were present. We welcomed two new members. They are Kayc Hcstus and Mac Bannister both of Burnct. Don Palmer invited the group to go on the Baptist Bus to the Governors inauguration Jan. 18. This bus is provided by the Triple L Club of the church. Triple L means -"Live longer and Like it." Several committees were appointed to serve in 1983 by President Everett Nichols. Goals and aims for 1983 were discussed. There was a unanimous decision to put on some type of Fund Raiser to assist the newly organized Emergency Medical Service Very informative talks were made by Jerry Hyman, Billy Daniels and City Councilman Bill Howell concerning this serwce. It is the opinion of this reporter that reacuvating the Emergency Medical Service should receive top priority on all Burner Citizens' "Most Worthy Cause" lists. Ist United Methodist Church Presents Walt Disney's Pollyanna Jan. 16 3:00 p.m. 25 Admission Free popcorn Proceeds go to Sergio, our child in Mexico adopted by the MYF through the Christian Children's Fund. MEDICAL FORMS ASSISTANCE 201 E. Washington P.O. Box 546 Burnet, TX. 78611 756-6481 We will fill out your medicare/insurance claims and submit them to the proper agency. We will maintain files and keep accurate records. U-'i .If you have any trouble with Medicare or Insurance reinbursements we will act as liaison. Home visits are available. mill 1lilt qlll tlllll IIIll IIl1 alllll Ill qllt tlll 0li  gllm Ill gllm gll 1lib fillJ Illllt Gill        n         For more info fill out this eounon and mail to P.O. Box 546. Name Phone Address I AIR INFILTRATION PROBABLY YOUR BIGGEST HOME ENERGY PROBLEM Air infiltration is the uncontrolled movement of air into or out of a home. Small air leaks add up! Most Texas homes have the potential for air infiltration in one hours time equal to 2 or 4 times the total volume of their interiors. For example, let's take the case of a standard home 1,580 square feet with a ceiling height of 8 feet. The air infiltration for a single day would be a total of 606,720 cubic feet of air which is more cubic feet of air than it would take to fill 3 Goodyear blimps. We want to help you solve your home energy problems by doing a home energy audit. We'll recommend improvements to reduce the air infiltration in your home and save you money. IIII HNSON CITY * IlaltTIIAM CANYON | Kll.II4gOA tan YIIAVill I